Executive Team

Executive Management (OSC)

Mrs. Jacquline Mendez, EMBA, BA, JP

Chief Personnel Officer

Mrs. Merle Tam

Senior Deputy Chief Personnel Officer, Public Service HR Audit

Miss Sonia I. Jones, JP

Director, HR Audit & Appointments

Mrs. Michelle A. Martinez

Secretary- Local Government Services

Mrs. Aldene Wynter-Williamson

Secretary- Police/ Judicial Services

Mrs. Rose Case-Cochrane

Deputy Chief Personnel Officer, Public Service Recourse, Redress and Retirement

Miss Marlene Roper

Legal Officer

Mrs. Georgia Morris-Josephs

Deputy Chief Personnel Officer, Information Standards and Public Education

Mr. Milton Foster

Director, Corporate & Special Services

Senior Management Team

Mrs. Sophia Johnson-Mason

Director, Human Resource Management and Development

Miss Julian Lynch

Director, Finance and Accounts

Mrs. Margaret Greene

Director, Human Resource Audit

Mrs. Desreen Smith

Director, Human Resource Audit

Miss Joyce James

Chief Stenotype Writer

Mr. David Small

Assistant Secretary, Police/Judicial Services

Miss Nickesha N. Walters, JP

Director, HR Development and Public Education

Mr. Allan Campbell

Director, Human Resource Policy and Standards

Miss Shauleen Williams

Procurement/ Office Manager

Mr. Andre Gordon

Director, ICT and Records Management

Mrs. Monica Boyd-Afflick

Assistant Secretary, Local Government Services