The Chief Personnel Officer Message



Welcome to the Office of the Services Commissions' website. Working in collaboration with our Services Commissions and other key stakeholders, this Office strives to ensure that the principles of merit, transparency, fairness and equity are upheld in the appointment, separation, discipline and training of employees in Central Government, the Judiciary, the Local Authorities and the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

As the key entity with responsibility for several Human Resource (HR) functions within our public sector for sixty (60) years, we are committed to facilitating continuous improvement in the operations of the government, as we seek to deliver public services more efficiently and effectively.

This Office also recognizes the need for our stakeholders to be better informed of our roles and services, as well as their own rights and responsibilities in relation to HR practices in the Public Service. This website represents a strategic step to better communicate with our stakeholders. We intend to continuously update and improve our website, to ensure that timely information is conveyed, as well as to provide other web-based innovative services to our stakeholders. Your feedback on the usefulness of this website is always welcome!


  Dr. Lois Parkes
Chief Personnel Officer


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  • Last modified: October 30, 2015