The Office of the Services Commissions being the Secretariat for the four (4) Services Commissions within Central and Local Government, has over the past sixty years, sought to ensure that appointments, promotions and selections for training are done on the basis of merit and that the disciplinary and separation processes are properly managed.


Civil Service Week 2015.



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Persons who have responded to the advertisement of positions in the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) via Office of the Services Commissions’ Circular No. 271 dated the 14th September, 2016, are asked to note that this advertisement was initially received from a reliable source; however, it has been brought to the attention of this Office that unscrupulous persons have managed to develop a website resembling that of the United Nations’ and are soliciting personal information and money from unsuspecting persons who have responded to the advertisement.
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Accountability Agreement



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Chief Personnel Officer

Mrs. Jacqueline Mendez, EMBA, BA, JP
Chief Personnel Officer (Acting)



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